Monday, March 2, 2020

Art Journaling with StencilGirl® Stencils

Hi, everyone! Kristin Peterson here from Altered States Studio!

My piece started from a collaged journal square from a Dylusions journal. I had added a few pieces of collage paper but, clearly had not finished it. When I saw it again, I knew I could work this into something special for my StencilGirl® Talk post.
Diving right in, I pulled out a few of my favorite stencils.
My working process is to layer with collage paper and acrylic paint and then follow up with a stencil. This helps to integrate the paper and paint into the piece.
I made some of my own art marks within the piece using a simple black ink pen and outlining the inside of stencil color (the soft turquoise in the right hand corner) and circling the polka dots on the left side. I also added some of my favorite orange washi tape and used one of my favorite watercolor crayons- yellow ochre.
I had placed the brighter color- the red rosy pink underneath so as to add some pop of color to this otherwise fairly neutral piece. This initial color choice would then help to dictate color choices I would make while working. Although I was hoping to stay fairly neutral.
One of the last layers of collage was a rectangular piece towards the top (the left edge is under the orange washi tape). I added this and then blended the paper in with a little white paint, and used my fragmented line columns stencil to finish blending in the area and overlapping just a bit below to pull the whole piece together.

Thank you so much for looking and seeing my results!
Kristin Peterson


  1. Very interesting to see how you put together this rather complex piece using so many stencils. Thanks for sharing how you did it!


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