Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Lemurian Garden Stencils Introducing StencilGirl's newest desinger ~ Linda Edkins Wyatt

Introducing StencilGirl's newest designer ~ Linda Edkins Wyatt. You know her from our Creative Team but she is blossoming in a new direction.

Here is Linda to tell you about these five stencils.

The set of five stencils are named for Lemuria, believed to be an ancient continent that sank thousands of years ago, in what now is the Hawaiian Islands. Some believe that it was a Garden of Eden, a spiritually evolved civilization where people lived in harmony with nature and the universe. The stencils are all derived from designs that I have been drawing—consciously and subconsciously—since I was young. The leaves and flowers emerge as doodles made during meetings and phone calls, or as elements of my drawings and paintings.

The centerpiece of the five stencils is the Leaf. I have been using a similar leaf as my logo on my paintings and art quilts for the last 20 years. My personal symbol, realized in my reiki training, is a leaf with a spiral, and my very first textile design, way back in 1975, was a leaf. 

Leaf, Lemurian, 6" x 6" Stencil, S803

The Tulip is one of my favorite flowers. When I was applying to art school, I had to submit a painting of live flowers, and I chose the tulips I had received for Valentine’s Day; the tulip definitely brought me good luck.

The Lily reminds me of my childhood. At the start of summer, there were always tiger lilies blooming around our front porch, so it is a reminder of warm, carefree, happy days, and simpler times.

The Pansy is soft and round, and a flower that I doodle when I am feeling relaxed. The pansy’s roundness and heart-shaped petals are soothing and comforting.

The Spiral, like the leaf, is a shape that I constantly draw and doodle. It reminds me of a fern frond unfurling and is full of life and energy.

Used together, the leaf, spiral, lily, pansy, and tulip make a striking and inviting array that might have bloomed and flourished in a tropical garden, thousands of years ago.

You can find all of Linda's stencils, right here!

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