Thursday, August 13, 2020

A host of new faces and a bit of French lace from Andrea Matus deMeng!


StencilGirl® is pleased to announce three new women, one new face, and a bit of French Lace in store you courtesy of Andrea Matus deMeng.

But that's not all, if you ever wanted a 9" x 12" Pretty as a Peacock or Talaya Goddess of Rain Stencils, your wait is over.

All of Andrea'sface stencils can be used as a starting point for developing your own richly expressive portrait-based artworks, used on their own or in combination. Here is Andrea to tell you about these stencils in her own words:


Andrea writes: "The gorgeous face on this stencil is inspired by the mythological Titan Goddess, Asteria. Asteria is the goddess of falling stars, astrology, and nighttime divinations through dreams. She mesmerizes you with her beauty and leaves you with the gift of her prophecies, and who couldn’t use a good prophecy right about now?"

Asteria is available as a large 9" x 12" and a small 6" x 6" stencil.

Art using Asteria and Talaya stencils.


"A rather confident goddess, Cassiopeia was best known for her vanity. Believing that she and her daughter Andromeda were the most beautiful of all of the goddesses did not make her very popular among her peers. Inspired by her story, this face stencil embodies her beauty and defiance perfectly."

Cassiopeia is available as a large 9" x 12" and a mini 4" x 4" stencil.

Not Calling You Back

"A woman in charge. Confident, capable, and charismatic. Not Calling You Back is inspired by the style and career of the legendary Lauren Bacall merged with one of my favorite song lyrics by Lizzo. What was so compelling to me about this pose was that Bacall’s famous chin down-eyes up look was actually her way of keeping herself from shaking when nerves got the best her. A good reminder that things aren’t always what they seem – the nuances and attitude of this stencil make it absolutely perfect for art journaling."

Not Calling You Back is available as a large 9" x 12" and a small 6" x 6" stencil.


Tayala,Goddess of Rain was designed by Andrea Matus DeMeng. Tayala, the Phoenician named goddess of the dew, is rain personified.

Talaya is also available as a 6" x 6" small stencil (not pictured).

Pretty as a Peacock

Pretty as a Peacock was designed by Andrea Matus DeMeng. She has the beauty and looks but there is so much more to her. Her strong and confident gaze says she is ready for whatever life throws at her.

Pretty as a Peacock is also available as a mini 4" x 4" and a small 6" x 6" stencil (not pictured).

Delicate Face and French Lace

These are each 6" x 6" stencils.

Delicate Face by Andrea Matus deMeng is a beautiful stencil to use as a starting point for a portrait. Use a variety of pens as shown in the sample below to achieve a variety of windows into the soul.

"Inspired by a trip to the Parisian Flea markets, French Lace started out as my sketch of the lacy band that I found of a pair on vintage stockings. Delicate and beautifully detailed, this stencil will add an element of Old World splendor to any and all of your art projects from art journaling to home d├ęcor. French lace also works wonderfully to create amazing backgrounds for your mixed media artworks but is strong enough to be a featured element on its’ own."

Oh la la! Bathroom tiles!

Check out all of the portrait stencils Andrea Matus deMeng has designed so far.

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