Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Set aside the weeds of the year and bloom

Hi! Carol Baxter greeting you from the StencilGirl blog today.

It has been about a year since I stenciled this blooming shirt, wrapped it up, and sent it off across the miles. The Creative Team's theme for November 2020 is "wearables" and Mary Beth sent me a little assistance with this photo.

It gave me such pleasure to paint it and seeing the smile on Mary Beth's face in this pic makes me believe it's high time I stenciled another one or two blouses, which brings me to point one:

If you are putting off creating because it has been 
long bloomin' year the past 8 months 
(I feel like this too)
and you don't feel like being the least bit artsy, 
grab a couple of art supplies and create anyhow.

Doodle, stencil, write, paint, scribble. 
It will make you feel better or at the very least be cathartic.

Maybe you won't want to show anyone afterward. 
Heck, maybe you even want to tear it up and start something new, 
but you will have accessed your creative self which can only lead to more access.

Set aside the weeds for a few moments and allow yourself to bloom. 
I bet you'll even find your smile if you think you've lost it. 
Repeat as necessary.

My Popa told me "It's better to give than receive," so here is point two for you to ponder as you make holiday gifts:

If you stencil something for someone to wear 
it is kind of like wrapping them up in a big hug 
until you visit in person again.


Wash the blouse you are stenciling without fabric softener. Dry. Iron if necessary.

Cut the petals (and maybe leaves) you want out of thin cardboard (such as the envelope your stencils were shipped in).

Put a piece of cardboard or butcher paper between the layer of the fabric you plan to stencil and the other side of the blouse to protect against bleed-through.

Use fabric paint or a mixture of acrylic and Fabric Paint Medium by Golden and your favorite stencil(s) to create the petals. The stencil goes under the cardboard petal.

Outline the petals, add the stem (and leaves) using a thin brush or marker or Fantastix & permanent ink.

Toss it in the dryer to set.

I wish you fun and joy!

Carol B

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