Thursday, February 11, 2021

Megan Whisner Quinlan: February 2021 StencilClub Stencils

When I first saw this month’s StencilClub stencil set (designed by Gwen Lafleur), I was immediately excited about creating a page that was going to really showcase the beauty of the birds. I loved that they seemed to be in various stages of motion, which is of course, the most fabulous thing about being a bird. Follow along for details on how to create a fun textured page using the new StencilClub stencil set!
I began on gessoed page in my journal and just did a loose sketch. I leave the sketch as a marker, and will fill in later. 
Next I tore old pages of text from dictionaries or my scrapbook pile, and added them around the edges. I like to have something on the page as a spring board for the collage layers and these always add a nice beginning layer to work from. I usually stick to random edges and leave the center of the spread open for the rest of the collage. 
I then start to build up the layers with paint and texture and let each layer dry. I usually do this several times going from a light layer to a darker layer, back and forth until the desired effect is reached. These days, I almost always finish off with Dina Wakley's Acrylic Sprays (Mineral and Sand) for the incredible drip effects. I like to use them at the end, because they take any pen or paint pens nicely if I decide to doodle on top.
For the top layer, I used a mini blending tool and Stenciled the 2 birds on the opposite page, in black gesso for a more matte finish. 
I then stenciled the beautiful feathers and little bird on a branch, onto some map printed scrapbooking paper. I then tore around the images for a more organic feel and glued them to my page. 
I finished my face with Dina Wakley paint and Stabilo All pencil. For my finishing touches I used the last stencil in the set to add texture to the blouse of my girl and around the spread for that last bit of detail. I also like to doodle on my pages so I added details with Posca pens around the birds as well. 
I finished with Carolyn Dube's Emotions and Feelings Journal Starter, because I liked leaving the page open for interpretation (this is an amazing set for the art journaling crowd). 

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Hello! My name is Megan Whisner Quinlan. I have been art journaling and book binding for about 20 years. However, I took a 10 year break from paper arts when I had my first 2 children. About 5 years ago, I came back into journaling after some big life changes, including 2 more children. Journaling had always been a part of my life, especially to work things out in life on paper. When I first started out, I really only focused on making books by hand and some basic collage and stamping. I was intimidated by the amazing art journaling artists out there who could create elaborate, mixed media spreads.  When I came back to journaling after such a long break, I decided that I was going to really push myself to learn all the techniques I had been too afraid to try.  Painting and drawing have really allowed me to find so much joy in my creative process, and I now almost exclusively create mixed media every day. I feel excited to have joined the art journaling community and you can find me on Instagram @Megan_Whisner_Quinlan or on Youtube: Megan Whisner Quinlan.

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