Thursday, February 25, 2021

New Portrait, Floral, and Mark-making Stencils by Jeanne Oliver

StencilGirl® is elated to introduce you to our newest stencil designer, Jeanne Oliver!

Jeanne is inspired by personal stories and her new line of six portrait stencils, along with several focused on mark-making and layers, will help you showcase your own mixed media story.

"Simple lines can often be the beginning of beautiful larger works of art and sometimes simple lines are all you need," artist and stencil designer Jean Oliver says. "Each stencil has been created to use in your art journals, in your hand stitching, or even in larger works of art. Let the stencil be the starting point and then see where it takes you."

These large 9" x 12" portrait-style stencils give you the perfect layer for spray paint or for a larger portrait piece. With spray paint, charcoal, acrylics, stitching, inks, or more you can begin to add beginning lines into your work. Repeat the portrait for a larger impact or extend the lines into a body for more drama. Don't be afraid to even just use a portion of the stencil and include it in your art journal. 

Sweet Girl Face Large, L838

Hair bobbed and brushed, dress detailed with abstract bows and a striped collar, this young girl with a vintage look is dressed for her portrait in the Sweet Face Girl Large Stencil designed by Jeanne Oliver. Paint drips give this stencil a painterly look.

The woman in the Thoughtful Face Large Stencil is mindful and dreaming. It will be up to you as her portrait painter to decide how those dreams are revealed.

Jeanne Oliver’s Garden Face Stencil depicts a woman as ageless as her blooming garden with unruly hair, kind eyes, and a bit of a smile. 

Jeanne says, "Create the portrait and then consider stitching the floral design in the background! The possibilities are endless." 

The Small Portraits

These 6” x 6” portrait-style stencils are perfect for your art journal and daily practice. With simple marks, you can begin to add layers and texture. 

"This is a fun size to start with charcoal and then with a blending stick start to add those underlayers to your work," Jeanne says. "Come in with acrylics, spray paint, watercolors, Neocolor II, or more and bring your portrait to life." 

Kind Face Small Stencil, S863

Is she a girl or a woman with her unruly hair and the ghost of a smile? You as the painter will decide when you begin with the Kind Face Small Stencil.

Alone with her thoughts, is the woman looking outward or within?

Sweet Face Girl Small Stencil, S859

A young girl dressed up for her portrait in a bygone era when you had to stand still and not smile for the camera.

Taken directly from Jeanne Oliver’s mark-making and abstract work you can use her Abstract Marks Stencil to incorporate these marks into your own art. 

The Garden Spray and Bramble Stencil designed by Jeanne Oliver can become the background of your portraits, still-life works all on their own, or add texture and layers into your current work. Whether you use spray paint, charcoal, acrylic, inks, modeling paste, or your favorite medium each floral element will add simple and loose lines to your work. The floral elements on this stencil may be cut apart for ease of use.

Mark Making with Floral Embellishments Stencil, S860

"Creating repetitive marks within my work is one of my favorite ways to bring line and form," Jeanne says. 

This stencil is wonderful for art journaling or adding to the body or background of a portrait. You may wish to cut this stencil in half for ease of use.

Discover all of Jeanne Oliver's stencils right here.

Gathered is a mixed media class Jeanne is teaching that includes these stencils.


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  1. Oh my goodness, these stencils are wonderful. I love Jeanne's art, I am putting her class Gathered in my March Budget. So exciting.


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