Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Mary Beth Shaw's VLOG: February 2021

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  1. Have you ever thought of having a challenge - choose a stencil and create 12 x 12 mixed media, watercolor, fiber painting, fiber piece etc. Post on Facebook. One or two winners will be chosen by random drawing. This way there is no competition and we’re creating and sharing for fun. We get to see people’s favorite stencil or stencils.

  2. What are the steps involved in creating a new stencil from design to shipping? Is it all in-house? How long of a process?

  3. Is there a right side and wrong side of stencils? I have used a jeweler's loupe and I can't find the ridge on one side in some stencils. I don't see any ridge on Stencil Girl stencils and I just use them with the words right-side up. Thanks Mary Beth.

  4. Hi If you had to choose ten things you could only use what would they be and then show us how you would use them in a live -

  5. I am wondering about mounting pieces. It seems to me that you are often working on watercolor or multi media paper. If you fall in love with a piece, how do you present it? I am thinking that you might mount pieces on boards to keep them borderless? Do you mat and frame? Please enlighten me. Thanks so much! I am new to Stencil Club as of February and really enjoying the many options and ideas that you present. It is a present!

  6. I love how rich and smooth your acrylics look when you mush them around. How do you get such a lovely, painterly look to them. Mine often look streaky. And you seem to use very little paint when you do it.

  7. I love these vlogs. And MaryBeth i love your outfit. I cant seem to make those colors work but your painting behind the couch is a perfect representation. How do you do that and mot wind up all brown? Hugs

  8. Hi Mary Beth, I'm a spiritual/prayer companion and I often suggest to folks who come to explore their spiritual selves, that they try to connect to their deeper places through art. The common stumbling block is that although willing, they feel like their work needs to "look like something real" or "is ugly not pretty"...which is not the point at all. As an abstractionist, it seems to me that your spirit is revealed in your magnificent paintings and other pieces. Do you have a practice or ritual that you use as you ready yourself to make art, which prepares you or centers you in such a way that your spirit is freed or your heart is opened, allowing you to express your spirit self through whatever medium you are using?
    Thank you so much from MaryEtta O'Neill in Kansas City.
    maryettaoneill at att dot net


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