Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Mixed Media Pastiche is Bloomin' Fun!

Greetings & Salutations!

Carol Baxter sharing a few artsy-crafty stenciled projects today.

Vintage photos + stenciled papers + ephemera = my mixed media pastiche projects.

The stenciled backgrounds bring the work together. Imaginative words are optional.

You may know, Mary Beth used to sell her paintings at art fairs. She also sold picture collages of kids and adults with amusing sayings. Wry bits of art such as these never fail to make me smile and were my inspiration.

Mostly, I used papers from my stash for these projects.  

My Ink Sister Patty came up with this particular photo caption. I felt I needed a garden for the flying pig buzzing the little boys. Garden Flowers and Leaves & Garden Flowers and Leaves Outlined by Jessica Sporn made the background special. I actually spent a few hours making papers with these stencils. 

Bloomin’ Awesome is my next piece. I decided to let the photo speak for itself rather than add words.

I had a bit of photo mat paper I had purchased a bag of at the thrift store. I must have painted it at some point with the Spirit Wind Mask by Valerie Sjodin. That's Drops and Swirls Repeat, also by Valerie, stenciled on the cloth.

Dang! I remember when I could do this on a swing.

I had to break out my hot glue gun to affix the lace.

While I was playing with the bits and pieces I planned to use, I realized it needed more embellishment because the orange paper did not give it enough oomph. I added another layer of lace, a bit of map paper, as well as tracing and doodles – that upper left side was rather empty. A little burnish on the paper edges backing the photo gave the piece a little more depth. 

Sometimes subtle is what you need. Especially if you are stenciling words. 

This piece of paper from my stash was created with a pull from my gel plate using the small stencil from the Circle Up Set by Suzi Dennis for StencilClub March 2016.

Is it cheating? I was too lazy to stencil all the words I added so I dropped this into Photoshop. Apologies if there is a Katheryn Collingsworth. I made the name up.

I am one of those people that when I look at a map I want it to be facing the way I am traveling. The L-thumb-trick? I like it. Fortunately, I am happily married so I needn't worry about which way to swipe on a dating app but when I saw these two dudes and the expression on the face of the woman in the straw hat, this card was the result.

I used the It's a Small World Longitude Mask by Mary C. Nasser.

Another notecard using the Pollen for Bees Stencil by Daniella Woolf and Scribble Roses Stencil by Mary Beth Shaw.

Composition books cost a buck and are not very interesting. I covered these with some of Mary Beth's printed collage paper and then added a little embellishment.

If you're freaky then own it!

What's in your photo and stenciled paper collage stashes? Fair warning, mixed media pastiche is addictive!

Thanks for stopping by!

Carol B.

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