Monday, May 17, 2021

Coming out of a Rut

Does the phrase, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” ring a bell with you? That is my jam these days. Owning an art supply shop and workshop studio one would think I would be smart enough to carve out time to play every day. 


For the past couple of months, most of my creative time and energy have been focused on getting ready for our fourth granddaughter! Lorelei arrived May 3rd and, as I have done for her three cousins, I knit her a baby blanket and created wall art for her nursery. Well, I am finishing up art for her nursery as I have a few final touches to go. 

Apparently, I cast on a gazillion rows on this blanket as it has taken me months to knit! I am also a pretty lazy knitter so don’t look too closely. My philosophy is it will be covered in spit-up so it’s OK.

To get me going and motivate me to create for fun, I took on a StencilClub Party Call to spur me along. And, since opening back up the shop (YIPPPEEEEEE!!) I have so many new supplies to experiment with, what else, Stencils! I pulled out Kristie's Mumzie Flower, Talavera, Anemone Coronoria, and, of course, Baby Angel Wings and got going! 

My “comfort food” for crafting/making art is card making. I tell everyone my “gateway drug” into this world was a passion for rubber stamps starting over 25 years ago. I have always and still love making and sending handmade cards. When I find myself in a rut, like now, it is an easy default to grab a stack of black cards and start gluing paper, spraying, stamping, painting, and, of course, stenciling, and not worrying about the outcome.

Watercolors through a stencil.

The April StencilClub Party Call was in honor of sweet, talented Kristie Taylor who we lost to Covid earlier this year. She created beautiful stencil designs for StencilGirl Products, and we were to incorporate them using the theme Angel Wings in our swap. 

Bundles of cards wrapped up and ready to mail. 

I ended up playing with Seth Apter’s Aladine Izink Pearly, ICE, and Spray as well as Dina Wakley's Gloss Sprays and Marabu Acrylic Sprays. I also used watercolors and Pixie Spray to secure the stencil, one of my favorite techniques. And, I was anxious to try the new Domed Applicator Ranger came out with so I did with Paper Artsy paints. Oh! and I also played with the Paper Artsy Infusions. All got a big thumb's up!

So much fun! There was not a card I was unhappy with when I was done. And, I pulled out some of those rubber stamps and that was like coming home!
Paper Artsy Infusions through a stencil then spritzed with water.

We are all coming out of a rut. I needed a nudge and the Party Call was the answer to get me doing something just for fun. Thanks, Lisa Dobry for all your hard work keeping us in line! Of course, I was late mailing my to my two swap buddies, but Lisa waved her magic want and granted me a reprieve!

Izink ICE and Pearly through a stencil.

I hope you have a wonderfully creative time making cards the next time you need a kick in the pants!



One last watercolor as I adore this technique!

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