Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Anouk (Creanouk): Using Ecoline with Modeling Paste

Hello you beautiful artist.

After two guest designer blogs I'm very excited to be a part of the Stencilgirl® Creative Team! The first project that I'll be sharing today is about using stencils with Ecoline or liquid watercolours. If you have read my previous blog post you probably know that I'm a very intuitive journaler. For this page I knew I wanted to use some Ecoline and liquid watercolors, but I didn't plan to use modeling paste again. I think I just couldn't help myself to use my favorite medium. But hey, it's okay! I like to go wherever my art takes me and I think this page turned out so beautiful with the pink and blue Ecoline. Sometimes when I art journal I just see things so clearly in mind, it's almost like a vision. Using this modeling paste technique with watercolors or Ecoline is much messier than when you use it with acrylics. You don't have any control over the outcome because you get the best results when you use lots of water. You also get very dirty fingers, so don't use it when you're having a fancy meeting later that day! As always this page started to unravel while I was working. First I wanted to make a page with only the blue Ecoline. But my pink Ecoline was just screaming to be used on the other page. I can never choose between pink and blue so this page has become a sort of ode to not choosing between blue and pink. At the end, I even wrote down some words about my struggle. There was also a little piece of vellum that I had bound in this journal that was really bothering me. It didn't suit the page at all, so I decided to rip it out. I don't know what it is with vellum, because I really love them when I'm binding my journals. But not so much when I'm working with it. For today's page, I made a process video that you can watch below. In this video, you'll see me 'fake' placing my stencils to figure out which stencil I want to use. I just lay them on top of my page and try to imagine how they look on the page. This is very helpful when you're not sure which stencil will suit your page the best.

If the video is not showing on your phone, please click this link to view it.

The stencils that I used for this project are:

Arrows with Rounds by Andrew Borloz

Boro by Kristin Williams

Vintage General Store List by Jennifer Evans

Thank you so much for reading my blog post. I hope that I have inspired you to create today! My name is Anouk, or Creanouk on social media, and I'm an all round creative from the Netherlands. I love art journaling because I can put my heart and soul in to it. You can find my work on Instagram and Youtube.

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