Wednesday, September 8, 2021

New Designer! New Stencils & Masks by Sandra Venus

Sandra Venus has been working as a creative for the past two decades. She is a mixed-media artist, product designer, (former) architect, and teacher known for her collection of New England-inspired home goods and artwork.

StencilGirl® is excited to showcase these 2 large and one small stencils designs.

Sandra Venus' Spire & Flowers Stencil is made up of four different botanicals from a New England garden: Rosebuds, Rose leaf, Daisy, and the tall Foxtail Lily (spire). Use these images to layer botanicals as an underpainting, to make collage paper for your art journal, greeting cards, or stand-alone stenciled wall art.


The Phlox Mask can be used to cover a larger canvas or paper with a repeating background pattern for botanical-themed art. Add a color to your substrate before using this mask to create more interest and depth to your artwork. 

The Pine Needles Mask is a delicate and detailed interpretation of the forest floor.  Layer this mask with several shades of any color to create depth for an underpainting or to create mixed-media paper for an art journal. This mask also makes a beautiful, simple pattern when used on its own to create Winter themed paper crafts.

Shop stencils by Sandra Venus.

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  1. Love your new stencils! I'm glad you've designed them for StencilGirl!


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