Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Accordion Pocket Book with Kirsten

Pockets! When I am wearing a dress (that has pockets) and someone compliments me the first thing I say is, "It has POCKETS!". What is it with women and pockets? I love having a discreet place to tuck a few must-haves, like chocolate, my keys, phone, and these days, a mask.

There is something satisfying in having a place to put those things we want to keep close to us. This concept carries over to the art world very easily. From scrapbooks to greeting cards and everything in between, having a place to tuck a memory or visual symbol creates a space for stories, memories, and secrets. What is it about putting things in pockets or seeing what is in a pocket? The pocket is meant to hold an object (or two, or three or more) and for non-clothing items, this can be a tantalizing venue for collection and display. 

My project today is inspired by my desire to make more small works of art (Artist Trading Card size) and then wondering how I would store/display them. So while I don't have the ATCs finished I certainly have a lovely book of pockets to display them in. 

The covers are decorated with a bold stencil design enhanced with Gloss Heavy Gel Medium, vibrant inks, and watercolors. The pockets are made from glassine and it's held closed with a handmade shrink film button and suede cord. My book will hold 15 ATC-sized artworks. (2.5" x 3.5")

Check out the video below to see a peek into my process!

Supplies I used:

StencilGirl® Stencil: Stitch A Doily (S169)

Chipboard - Two pieces cut to 3 x 3.75
Kraft cardstock - cut to 2.875 x 12
Paper for the covers - I used an old map. You will need two pieces cut to 4x4.75

Gloss Heavy Gel Medium
Acrylic Inks - I used F+W Inks
Watercolors - I used Hydrus Liquid watercolors

Pockets for the ATCs - I made my own from glassine paper. Final size 2.75 x 3.75
Button - I made my own from Grafix® Matte Shrink Film
Suede cord - at least 24"

Bone Folder
PVA glue
Scissors / Craft knife and Ruler
Japanese Screw Punch

Happy Creating!

Find me on Instagram: @kirstenvarga


  1. Love this little booklet. Great project, great video showing how to do it. Thanks, Kirsten!

  2. This is so beautiful! It goes onto my 'must make' list.

  3. I love this Kirsten! I would make a really cool advent calendar...I was just thinking about making something like that to send to my daughter in college for advent! Thanks for the inspo! XO

  4. Beautiful project to do and and easy bookmaking idea and storage of atc or other little mementos. Thank you loved it!


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