Wednesday, September 22, 2021

New Designer Kelly Cameron! 3 New Stencils!

Kelly Cameron, a self-taught mixed media and collage artist from North Carolina joins our marvelous lineup of stencils designers!

These three stencils are filled with energetic flowing curves.

The Dragon Fire Stencil was designed by Kelly Cameron with several interpretations in mind. In addition to the breath of a fantasy creature, the curlicue parts of the design could depict billowing clouds, waves of water, or even a floral motif. There’s even a bit that looks like a conch shell and a diamond that resembles a pineapple.

Have fun playing with this bold, daring design in warm colors, in ombre tones, or with straight-up contrast. 

The Waterfall Stencil has a soft, elegant flow. Parts of it are mermaid-like, especially the two diagonal corners with scale-looking designs. The details are all so close together, although still with a hand-drawn look, and yet halfway through you are hit with the solid section that breaks it up a bit and offers a little relief.

This detailed stencil lends itself to formal-toned greeting cards, printing plate play, backgrounds, and is gorgeous with metallic paint.

The Oh Velocity Stencil celebrates the charm of ovals. 

The wobbles, double lines, and perfect imperfections of this hand-drawn stencil make it the designer's favorite.

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