Wednesday, October 20, 2021

NEW Stencil Alert! Designs by Tre-Wen and Angela Treat Lyon

Greetings to you!

StencilGirl® is pleased to showcase:
  • 1 floral tile
  • 2 ornate mandalas
  • 3 awesome designers: TreWen and Angela Treat Lyon
  • 4 powerful symbols
  • 6 super stencils
  • 8 phrases
  • and a school of assorted whimsical "fishies"
TreWen, (Trena Brannon and Wendy Featherston) are adding to their West African collection and Angela Treat Lyon has several new ornate and one whimsical stencil for your art-making pleasure.

The large word stencil includes words that represent love, intelligence, ingenuity, freedom, feminine qualities, the supremacy of God, learn from your mistakes, humility and strength, and royalty and greatness. This stencil can be used to create marvelous patterns and is luscious on fabric.

West African Symbols Mix-up, L873, 9" x 12"

The West African Symbols Mix-up 5 stencil includes four large symbols that represent the supremacy of God, learn from your mistakes, humility and strength, and royalty and greatness.  

West African Words, L874, 9" x 12"

Angela says, "I lived in Hawaii for 50+ years, and always had a wild garden wherever I was. I'm in northern California now, so much drier. Missing my gardens with all the lush plants and koi were my inspiration for these stencil designs."

In 1999 Angela began to create designs that would radiate certain energies. Vibe and Simplicity are the descendants of those way-far-back mandalas. 

"These stencils have the same purpose," Angela says, "to radiate love, simplicity of being, high vibes, and fun!" 

Vibes Mandala, L878, 9" x 12"

Daisy May Tile Stencil, L875, 9" x 12"

The Daisy May Tile is the result of Angela's yearning for her garden - and she named it after her niece.

Fishies Stencil, L877, 9" x 12"

Discover more stencils by TreWen and Angela Treat Lyon.

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