Friday, November 19, 2021

Kecia Deveney: Two Wrapping Paper Tutorials with StencilGirl® Products!

Hi, everyone! Kecia Deveney here!
If you are like me, I never seem to have wrapping paper around when I need it. I didn’t have the time to run to the store, so I decided to see what I had on hand and make my own. I got out my stencils, ink sprays and spray paints and some paper. I did a little experimenting as well to see what I liked the best as the end result.

I used two types of paper; brown craft paper (Walmart) and packing paper (Home Depot). I found that the spray paint works really good on the craft paper and packing paper. The ink sprays worked best on the packing paper, although the paper is very thin and the ink can be a tad saturated and wet. But this is a good option because for spray paints, you want to do them outside with good ventilation and wearing a mask and gloves.

Stencils used:

I’d recommended that you do this project in advance of using it as wrapping paper since you do want to let it dry. After I sprayed my papers, I hung them on my clothes line to dry out. The packing paper will dry fast. This will also help remove that spray paint odor.  I also ironed my packing paper when it was dry.

Of course you can make papers like this as well to use in your mixed media art or journaling/collage.

I also made my own ribbon with torn scraps of muslin fabric that I scrunched up and ink sprayed. When they dried (also clip to clothes line), I ironed them and then did some marking making with a black sharpie in spots that I felt needed some interest. You can also mark make on your papers in the same fashion.

Thanks for joining me on StencilGirl® Talk today!
Kecia Deveney


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