Thursday, May 26, 2022

New Abstract Florals and Landscapes from Jennifer Evans

Paperwhites are delicate flowers that can be grown indoors from bulbs. Similar to daffodils in structure, they are tiny blooms that appear in clusters. This stencil is reminiscent of looking closely into a gathering of blooms (upper right square shape) with a close-up of a leaf on the left and a border of stems underneath.  Experiment with using the negative space (areas around the main images) to see what kind of new designs will inspire your art.

When sketching a flower, I always examine it from all angles. This stencil looks at a sunflower 3 ways: from the side, straight on into the bloom, and underneath the bloom where the greens look like a crown before it attaches to the stem. You can experiment with different color blooms. I imagine the final product being cut apart to be utilized in other projects, or to make bookmarks.

A common carnation gets the star treatment in this stencil, which features a single bloom over a background of stems and leaves. Try your hand at lending texture to the petals with any type of collage elements, or just sketch them in with a colored pencil.

Nature lovers and landscape artists will recognize how to put this stencil to good use. The horizontal and vertical lines in this design allow for close-up studies of different terrain: rocks, hills, grasses, puddles, trails, evergreens, mountains and plains.... Or, you can combine them all into one design (see example). 

This landscape with a building structure is open to many interpretations: as a waterscape (see example). Or, turn the water into rocky terrain or grassy hills. The greenery behind the building can be interpreted as hills/mountains if you prefer.

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