Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Got My Mind Set on You

Happy November!  It's Nancy Curry back for another project usually "loosely"  based on a song title.  This one shows my age a bit and it has nothing to do with the project.  You'll understand more when you watch the video.  Let's just say that my project mind was all over the place so you actually will see samples from both techniques.  I'd call that bonus material.  The project in the photo above is the project that I demonstrate in the video.  It is another use for my huge Citra Art paper stash (organic papers rich in mark-making made from older National Geographics) besides framing finished pieces or collaging. Click here to see some finished work. Today we will use those papers and paint to create high contrast tags for those special people you want to impress.  If you don't have Citra pages, you could try doing this with other old magazines that have background pictures that would be a good backdrop for a stenciled layer.  If you don't have any shape punches, you would need to use tag blanks or make your own to use as a template for the shapes.  

Before we get to the video, I'll give you a materials list for the videoed project and a stencil list for the tags I did on and off the camera. 


Shape punches or tag blanks (big box craft stores)                                    
Citra art magazine pages                                                                          
1/4" hole punch                                                                                           
black and white acrylic paint
washi tape
twine or fibers 
 In video  
M223    Kalbach        Park Blvd                                                                    
M055    Curry            Allegro Clef                                 
Club      Apter            12-2017                                                     
Club      Butler            03-2019     
Club      Shaw/Dube   08-2020     
Additional Samples
S860    Oliver    Mark M w Bot Embellish 
S517     Nichols  Vintage Ornaments  
Club     Sporn     04-2015   
Club    Sjodin/ Shaw  06-2020 

Now onto the show.........


I really enjoyed turning some of my page pile into the tags in the video and the extras pictured below I did off camera.  It really reinvigorated my interest in Citra Art.  Lately, I've been obsessed with watercolor but I am always excited when I head back.  Enjoy the extra tags below and take some time to play with symmetry, high contrast,  and a lot of fun stencils.  You may look at them in a new way.  I wish you and yours a safe, healthy and fun holiday season and beginning of 2023.  As always, you can find me on social media @nancycurryart or find me on my website where my shop is located.  There's a sale coming soon.  



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  1. Do you seal your citra solv papers before you work with them? I have piles I have made for photography textures and would love to use them in my mixed media art but find they smear and the ink transfers? Thanks in advance Nanci H.


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