Wednesday, June 14, 2023

New Stencils From Cecilia Swatton are Available Now!

Cecilia states, "I wanted to create simplified, black-and-white masks that show the flavor of Rex Ray’s art, without copying any of it.  That was a challenge!  Stripped of color, the designs by themselves sagged.  It was those colors that gave them life.  But because of my love for his work, I soldiered on.  Champagne (6” x 6”) and Carnival (4” x 4”) are the results.  I wonder what Rex would say if he could see them?"



Champagne (6” x 6”) is the title that popped – like a cork? -- into my head as I designed this image. It’s influenced by the whimsy and energy of mid-century modern art, especially that of Rex Ray. 

Carnival (4” x 4”) is a design that makes me happy.  It’s influenced by the playfully fanciful mid-century modern art, especially that of Rex Ray.

Cecilia's stencils are available now at

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