Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Using Stencils to Carve Stamp Designs with Tracy Villaume

Using Stencils to Carve Stamp Designs with Tracy V.

Hi Everyone,

Tracy V. here with a great way to duplicate your stencil designs for a different look! (I also find stamp carving very soothing.) Using a carving tool is not difficult to learn, but it can really hurt if your hand slips. I try to provide some tips below to make your carving experience a little smoother. 

Hope that you enjoy this activity as much as I do!



  • Stencils - select stencils (or portions of a large stencil) that do not have super detailed fine lines. I am using Abstract Rosette and one of Tina Walker's Rolodex Designs from the February StencilClub set.
  • Carving Tool
  • Rubber Carving Block or Large Erasers work too (I've found round ones at the Dollar Store that work great!)
  • Archival Ink Pads and/or Ink in a Tube (if using, you will need a Brayer to apply)
  • Substrate of your Choice


1. Trace your design onto the block with pencil or use archival ink to stamp the design onto the block.

2. Use your carving tool to remove areas around the design.
TIP A: Try to always start on an inner part of the design and work out, stab gently into the block and skim away from the design.  
TIP B: I like to make a trench to create smaller sections, so that I can carve in shorter strokes.
TIP C: Be careful to always cut away from your other hand!

3. Do a sample stamp. If you see little bits of color around your design, remove.
TIP: I like to trim tightly around the entire design, you can use scissors or a blade.
4. Stamp your designs with ink of choice! 

Process Video:

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