Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Carol Ponsford - May StencilClub Stencils - Journal cover

Hi everyone, Carol Ponsford here showing you this journal cover I created with the May 
StencilClub set designed by Tiffany Goff Smith. It was fun playing with all of the unique 
components of this set and I hope you will share what you create with them on social media.

First I used a palette knife to smear some white gesso on the paper that I was using for the 
centerpiece of my journal cover. I didn't cover all of the space as you can see in the picture above.

After the gesso was dry, I spritzed water on the surface and dabbed some cochineal 
red dye ink and let the ink run and spread on the page. I set this aside to dry.

Next I put some indigo ink on the page and spritzed it with water to also allow the ink to spread,

The third color of ink I used was the F&W Antelope Brown acrylic ink also doing this in the 
same manner as the other colors. I let this dry completely before moving to the next step.

Using the script section of the stencil, I sponged Bougainvillea PaperArtsy Fresco paint in a few areas.

I repeated using different parts of the stencil to add layers on other areas of 
the paper. The flag and scalloped line sections I used Midnight PaperArtsy Fresco acrylic paint
and the cross-hatched plus signs were done in Wisteria PaperArtsy Fresco acrylic paint.

For the final touches, I sponged Butternut PaperArtsy Fresco acrylic paint 
through two of the eyes. I let the paint dry completely and then finished by getting out my Posca 
acrylic paint markers and adding some line work and doodles.

To prepare my journal I used white gesso and covered all of the areas around the 
area that the painting would be, trying to paint the gesso as 
smooth as possible because I would be adding paint and pen on top of it.

I marked the corners of where the painting would be attached for alignment.

I had to cut an area out so that I could leave the elastic band that is the 
closure for the journal in place and still leave it functional. So after 
marking where the band would be on the painting, I used a blade to cut from that 
spot out to the edge of the painting. I then cut the area where the band came
 out of the book and cut a vertical rectangle about the size of the band. 
(This is shown on the picture above where I have the pencil point.)

I then used Golden Regular Gel (Matte) medium to adhere the painting to the front of 
the journal. After I had it adhered and smoothed down, I put a piece of wax paper 
on top and placed heavy books to weight it down during the drying process.

After it was completely dry I got the stencils out again and brought the images out 
onto the white gesso by sponging on Little Black Dress PaperArtsy acrylic paint 
through different areas of the stencil matching where I had placed the images previously.

The final step was to add the area below the painting and the line around 
the painting with a Black Posca paint pen and then title it with a White Posca paint pen.

I hope you enjoyed this process and it inspires you to pick one of your journals that you are working in and design a cover to make it unique. Until next month when I will be back on the blog sharing what I created with the June StencilClub set. Thank you StencilGirl® Products for providing me with this free StencilClub set so that I could play in advance and share what I create each month with you.

Join StencilClub by May 15 to receive these exclusive stencils and accompanying video 

tutorial with PDF (both downloadable!), and 20% OFF STENCILS EVERY DAY!!

Happy Creating!

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  1. Great journal cover Carol!

  2. What a lovely project!

  3. I love how you combined so many of the stencils' elements so effectively. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you for your kind words!

  4. Great job Carol!!

  5. Great project Carol!

  6. Thank you so much!


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