Thursday, May 11, 2023

Double the Art = Double the Inspiration! It's a Double Release Thursday!!

This week we have 2 great collection releases for you! Take the Scenic Route with Nancy Curry's latest designs and join Tina Walker for All Things Rolodex!  

Nancy says, "Our travels have taken us to places on our bucket list that have astounded, but the ones that play out in my memory are the quiet, introspective moments that allow the natural world to show off its beauty, endurance, and stillness.  Those interludes of absolute peace and wonder are the moments that get me through the hard days.  During the latter part of the pandemic, they became the basis for my series of watercolor landscapes that I call The Floral Carpet series. Transforming my paintings into stencils in this ongoing collection is another way of unleashing my imagination to the world. "

"I love stencils that can be used in different ways.  Although they are seemingly complete compositions, they can be used in their entirety, or they break down into parts as shown in the samples. They can be the main event in your pieces or play an supporting role.  My samples are very saturated or high contrast, but they would be beautifully serene parts done in pastel-colored acrylics to create a subtle background. I used varied mediums to create my samples, so let your imagination go wild.  Watercolor, alcohol ink, acrylic and gouache all worked well on mixed media paper, cardstock, prepped metal and mylar."

Floral Carpet  (L962)

"I spent a day in New Zealand on a sheep farm.  The sheep were the show of the day until I looked over and saw the most spectacular vista of rolling hills, wildflowers and stately trees.  Five years later, I painted Kiwi Idyll, my inspiration for this stencil.  It’s design size lends itself to a variety of uses: art journal, home décor, smaller works featuring just flowers or tree-focused among others.  In your art practice, you may see something else.  That’s the beauty of art.  Pro Tip:  I use different mats to decide what areas I want to use to create a different composition.  You can achieve the same effect by cutting copy paper into what size viewfinder you want." 

"In 2021 I had knee surgery and was not allowed to walk much for 8 weeks.  That meant I didn’t have chores to do so I painted everyday from a recliner on a tiny table that was only 12’ wide.  One day I did a series of four watercolor in a square 4” format and Gratitude  is a piece from that day.  It inspired the Sojourn stencil in a slightly larger format.  At 6” square this stencil is fantastic for small format pieces.  I had a great time using different parts of it for an ATC series.  Pro Tip:  Masking tape is great to cover areas you don’t want to have as part of the composition. "    

Solitary Tree (S954)

"This is the second of four tree-themed watercolor pieces from 2021.  The original art, Solitary, was a fun exploration of scale and the modern phrase, size matters.  I do love a strong focal point and have enjoyed paring that with different background styles.  Pro Tip:  Experiment with different background styles that you wouldn’t normally use.  My favorite was Citra Solv paper.  Want to know more about that?  Check our StencilGirl Studio.  I have a class on there.  While you’re at it, check out all the classes from all the artists.  Brilliance abounds."

These stencils were designed with All Things Rolodex in mind.  Rolodex art is super chic and cool, so why not take your rolodex art up a notch with stencils.  These make your standard sized rolodex cards super special, plus give you non-traditional rolodex shapes to work with.  The graphics for each rolodex card are iconic and can be used with various mediums (paints, watercolors, pencils) and can be used in traditional journals.

All Things Rolodex Circle (L971)

All Things Rolodex XL (L972)

These stencils also are great for art journaling! 

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  1. Great results you got with the stencils.
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