Tuesday, October 10, 2023

"Kitchen Sink" Mixed Media Notecards with Tracy V.

Hi Everyone,

It's Tracy Villaume, fall lover! This time of the year is my absolute favorite in upstate New York and I love to share all the lovely things of the season with others, never arriving at a gathering without a scented candle, some flavored tea or baked goodies. These notecards are perfect to write a little message of the season to accompany a gift or just pop in the mail for some seasonal cheer - and an original piece of your art of course!

I call them "kitchen sink" because I use a number of different supplies. Feel free to add in layers with your own supplies or mix up the order of application...and may your fall be filled with joy!



  • Stencils, one for the background another for the foreground. I use:
  • Watercolor notecards or paper to fold and cut to desired size
  • Painter's Tape
  • Paints - both water color and fluid acrylic
  • Paint brush and dabber to apply paint
  • Gel Pen (I use gold)
  • Micron Pen (fine tip)
  • Crayola Marker
  • Paint Pen (I use medium tip copper)
  • POSCA pen (I use think while)

1. Use painter's tape to frame your piece.

2. Use watercolor with your first stencil.

3. Add acrylic over the watercolor with another stencil.

4. Now more watercolor with a different section of (or a third) stencil.

5. Fill in the white areas with a Crayola Marker, apply water to soften the edges.

6. Outline your forefront design with gel pen.

7. Use the fine line pen to trace some more designs and freehand a few for a sketchy look.

8. Make marks, like little dashes with your medium tip paint pen. I like to fill in one background color. Here I put my marks in the green watercolor sections.

9. Use the thicker paint pen to put dots along the outline of some of your design elements. I only did this for the card in the video because the designs were not as detailed and I did not like the larger solid brown areas - it is completely up to you!

10. Remove tape! It you are mailing these out, it's always good to give a little spray with a fixant.

Enjoy the joys of the fall season! You can check out my other work on Instragram or at corkandbrush.com


1 comment:

  1. I love these fall cards - thank you for the inspiration. (The video isn't working.)


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