Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kick off the New Year with Stencils & DecoArt Paints

Hi everyone, it's Gwen here today with a new project to share with you using StencilGirl stencils and the fabulous Media line from DecoArt.

I've been trying to get going with my art journal / planner since last summer - I decided I was going to jump on the bandwagon and got my 18-month planner all prepped and ready, and then did about 3 pages. lol. So this year, one of my goals is to try and take the time to do it much more often, starting with my first week's entry. I had seen some beautiful art on the web with the year printed and decorated and I thought I'd try something similar. Here's a quick overview of how I did it.

I adhered my book paper onto the page and when it was dry, I mixed some DecoArt Media white tinting base with a bit of water and made a light wash over top so that the text wouldn't compete with my painting. I also used some DecoArt Media Crackle Paste around the edges to get a bit of texture. Next, I mixed some Payne's Gray fluid acrylics with the tinting base and used my brush to draw the year onto the page.

Once that was dry, I took out my Krishna Deity Stencil by Jessica Sporn and used it with some more tinting base to get the placement for the flowers I wanted on top. (There are great flowers on this stencil - one of the things I look for in stencils is the ability to use pieces of them as well as the entire design, so this was perfect!) Using white like this is also something I do quite frequently - you can build up layers of color, but this is a quick way to make sure that your colors will pop off of the background - it's especially helpful if your paints are transparent.

You can also see some green splotches below where I sprayed some DecoArt Shimmer Misters - I wanted kind of a suggestion of leaves in the background and it worked great!

Once my white base was dry, I took a variety of DecoArt Media fluid acrylic paints and painted the flowers on top of the stenciled areas. Then I went back through with my shimmer spray and daubed some more color on areas that needed a touch-up.

Once all the paint was dry, I used some DecoArt Media Liquid Glass on the centers of my flowers and let it all dry overnight. It's hard to see in the photos, but it adds really nice texture and shine.

And that's it! This was a fun and fairly quick way for me to get back to working in my planner... now to try and keep it up!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your page. It is so pretty and happy for the new year.

  2. Great use of those flowers to accent such a happy start of 2015. i always love your color sensibility Gwen - so bright and vibrant.

  3. looks like Spring. Thanks for brightening up my day!


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