Friday, December 18, 2015

Guest Designer Carla Devine of heART Journal Magazine!

Hello Everyone, This is Carla Devine from Color Heals Me and heART Journal Magazine.  It is an honor to be here and share some art making with you! You may know this about me already but I am crazy about decorating simple labels and then using them in my art journal/planner. I really love the moment when I am done decorating and get to pull them apart and stick them everywhere. Each one is a little mini piece of art that is full of surprises. Since I don’t pay attention to the lines on the label sheet or plan around them in any way, it is very random what part of the design shows up on each label. The only thing I try to do is make sure there will be lots of interest on the page so none of the labels look bare or boring. This may end up as a “busy” looking page but none of that matters when you begin to pull apart the labels. I get giddy (yes, that is silly) pulling them apart and sticking them everywhere. I really have force myself to remember to stop and take pictures before I do this. I hope you have fun and enjoy this as much as I do. Please contact me on Facebook if you want to trade labels with me!

For today I wanted to do something special, so I started by doing a marbling technique on the labels first.

Supplies needed-
·         Craft paint in a few of your favorite colors (chose some light and dark colors for contrast) 
·         Shipping labels in any size or shape as long as they have a matte finish so the paint will stick.  Besides the traditional white I use some square, circle and long 7 ½ long by 5/8 inch)  Here is a video where I talk about different sizes of labels. Also, if you don’t want to a fortune on a bunch of labels I offer a sampler of different sizes on my website.
·         plastic lid or tray to hold the shaving cream 
·         odorless shaving cream
·         old chopstick or hotel room key to do the marbling

After your pages have had a chance to dry it is time for the stencils.
I used three from the Flora Bowley collection: Bloom True, Chrysalis, & Aura. I did this outside on a windy day so it was quite exciting. I think at one point the freshly sprayed stickers blew up onto my shirt and I got a decorated t-shirt too!

Supplies needed-
*spray paint (I just picked out several colors I liked from the paint section at Walmart). Most were opaque but I did get one that was transparent that I liked.  It was called Sea Glass by Krylon and was a semi-translucent, frosted finish.
* some rags
* something to protect your table.

Almost done ….Once your labels dry again the last step will be to doodle and add more color. 

Supplies needed (you can use all your favorites here but I will list what I used)-

black, water resistant pen (my favorite is the uniball visionelite rollerball pen)
Colored pencils
Posca Paint pens 
highlighter (pink)
Water based Sharpie paint pens
craft paint or gelatos for more stenciling if wanted

For more decorated label inspiration please get the two free issues of heART Journal Magazine available as a pdf file on heART Journal Magazine or get the app from iTunes or Google Play.

Please Contact Carla Devine at if you have questions about this process or would like to swap labels!


  1. Oh my goodness! I want to go get mu husbands shaving cream and play!!! Love seeing this done! Love the idea of using labels! So cool!!

  2. What fun to see this old technique used in a new way -- to create beautiful backgrounds for wonderful stencil prints! Using them to make labels is even better!

  3. What a fabulous tutorial, Carla! I would have never thought to push the shaving cream/acrylic mixture through large openings of a stencil! Brilliant! I've got my labels ready to paint. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks Mary! I would love to see your labels when you are done! The colored shaving cream is like playing with frosting! So fun.

  4. What a fabulous tutorial, Carla! I would have never thought to push the shaving cream/acrylic mixture through large openings of a stencil! Brilliant! I've got my labels ready to paint. Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. I am so excited and energized after watching the videos - you make it look so easy - maybe I've just been thinking it's so hard... thank you so much for the awesome share! I'll be giving this a go in the new year for sure! great stuff!

    1. Thanks Theresa! it is easy! I would love to see your labels sometime. Have fun!

  6. I have never used that technic itch the shaving cream but now I have to! Thanks! Many years ago I did stamp and ink on labels. I even did the circle ones for the notebook holes! Lol

    1. Just be sure you get unscented or very low scent I first tried this in my art journal and it smelled like aftershave for a year!

  7. you could also scan these & print out on new blank labels - endlesss!


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