Saturday, February 25, 2017

Faces in the Crowd Stencil and Woodland Series Designed by Jennifer Evans


Entranced by the delicate-winged creatures that inhabit wooded gardens, Jennifer Evans created her Woodland stencil series. 

Bonus! Tutorials!

Choose your border with this mini Serendipity Floral mask.
M168 Serendipity Floral mask

L499 Large Butterfly with Border


• 10” round wood panel
• L499 Large Butterfly with Border stencil
• Acrylic paint
• Water soluble crayons (Neocolors or Inktense)
Optional: Decorative charger for base

1:Gesso the wood panel and paint background color (I chose a neutral putty color.) Let dry. Using painter’s tape, center and secure the stencil on 3 sides. There are some very intricate parts of this stencil and the tape helps prevent the stencil from sliding around.

2: Using a dark color, stencil the design. I used a dark blue and purple mixture. When dry, use water soluble watercolors or Inktense blocks to scribble in color. It’s perfectly OK to color outside the lines! Using a brush with plain water, saturate the color to give it a watercolor effect. (I pushed some of the color beyond the bounds of the stencil, and I liked how this looked.)

3: Continue to work in the colors. I like to layer colors for an interesting effect. (See the yellow added over the pink in the flower blooms, to the right?) I used yellow in the lower half of the butterfly, but decided later to mix that with blue.

Finishing: attach a hanger to the back of the wood circle, or find something to repurpose for a wall hanging. Top right: I painted and antiqued a decorative charger, then glued the wood circle to it. But wouldn’t it also be fun in the center of a grapevine wreath, or a wire or wicker braided circular wall hanging?

You can see how the large Butterfly with Border and Small Butterfly stencil are gorgeous used as a mandala or masked to stencil a single butterfly when you are creating art for your home (stenciled pillow cover or a clock face), want to add a flutter to your art journal, or make a friend smile with a greeting card. 
S452 Butterfly Circle

• 5”x7” canvas
• Butterfly 6x6 stencil
• Acrylic paint
• Bristol or Mixed Media paper
• Matte Medium
• Alphabet rubber stamps
• Optional: acrylic paint markers

1: Gesso canvas and paint background color (I chose a lilac chalkpaint.) Cut a heart from Bristol or Mixed Media paper and paint with acrylic paint. Distress edges of the heart, if desired. Trim to fit on canvas.

2: Using only 1/4 of the butterfly medallion, stencil butterfly and florals onto the heart. Add an extra flower above, on each side, to fill in the heart. Apply acrylic paint colors as desired. (I used black paint for the stencil step, then filled in with colors.)

3: For the fine detail work, I like to use Acrylic ink pens. I have a basic set of Derwent Graphik fine tip pens that come in handy for this. When dry, secure the heart to the canvas with Matte Medium. If desired, use alphabet stamps to add a word. Shade around the heart with watercolor pencil, then blend the pencil with a brush and plain water.


M167 Woodland Blackbird
Are you ready for this little bird to come and roost in your art journal or on your wall amidst the Woodland Leaves?

L506 Woodland Leaves

Add a touch of nature and "grow love" with this small stencil.

S456 Woodland Floral

If you'd like  to see more tutorials with Jennifer's Woodland Stencil Series just open today's Scoop newsletter (you can sign up on the right hand column of this blog)! 

Faces in the Crowd

Jennifer Evans created her Faces in the Crowd stencil to give artists an option when painting and journaling. 

S445 Faces in the Crowd

Jennifer was looking for quick "go-to" features that she could use without over-thinking whether she had the right proportions of the eyes/nose/mouth. Women are strong. 

This stencil is divine for personalizing and making a statement wherever your art leads. Jennifer thinks they would make unique paper dolls or angels.

Want to try it? Jennifer's watercolor tutorial awaits you in the 2-25-17 Scoop newsletter!

You can learn more about Jennifer HERE and order the stencils she has designed HERE.


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