Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Red White and Burlap Girl Journal

Greetings and Salutations! Carol Baxter here for the StencilGirl matchup with Canvas Corp.

I took put a stencil on it literally. I chose just one ~ the 6"sq from Mary Beth Shaw's Private Collection 15.1 for StencilClub.

I played with this one stencil ALL DAY LONG. (It's going to turn up in later projects as I kept switching back and forth between the project at hand and some art journal pages.)

Stenciling on burlap was a blast! I had a big smile on my face with how well the fibers took the paint each and every time. I saw the post about coasters and I am game to try that next time I need a house-warming gift!)

inside cover

Supplies in addition to the stencil:
1 rectangle of red striped cotton duck cloth and matching ribbon
4 pieces burlap, including 1 red
Red,White, Blue, and Turquoise Paint
5 Brads
Sewing Machine
Deckle Trimmer

Once I had the pages stenciled the way I wanted them, I carefully sewed the binding.

I must tell you, those dots on the round wheel thing still make me happy! I was simply stenciling away, not too worried about being exact (hard for me!) daubing away with white paint on my sponge.

See below ~ the dots are cute on the stripes too!

I have to tell you that the brads became a necessary creative accident. I really meant to sew the picture on the striped cloth and then sew cloth onto the burlap. When I realized what I had NOT done, I figured I might as well accent her earrings.

This project was pure play. I hope I've inspired you to go and have fun with your stencils and use them in a way you might not have tried before.

back cover
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  1. Nice save on the earrings. I've never stenciled on burlap before. Sounds like I should give it a try. Thanks for the spark Mary. SGPCCBmatchup

  2. What a neat book! Love the burlap idea! #SGPCCBmatchup
    Jackie ")

  3. This is such fun!! Love the stenciling on burlap!

  4. The circles look like you has placed them
    exactly. Bob Ross always said there were
    no mistakes, only happy accidents.
    thanks for sharing a fun project.

  5. Loving the textured journal book and all the dots and circles make me happy! That earring move was stellar :)

  6. This is a beautiful project - it really makes me want to try using the stencils on fabric!

    1. I love playing with stencils on fabric! I get pieces at the thrift store and just play!

  7. I love the reds on this one! cfrailey64(at)gmail(dot com). #SGPCCBmatchup

  8. I am enamored with that circle stencil and now I really want to try stenciling something on burlap! #SGPCCBmatchup mmierron(at)yahoo(dot com)


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