Thursday, June 8, 2017

Stencil Splash Alert! Mermaid Madness

StencilGirl netted nine mermaids!

Artist and stencil designer June Pfaff Daley's mermaids swam to us first, soon joined by Cathy Nichols' and Jessica Sporn's. Now they are ready to frolic in your own painted ocean! But first, a tutorial from June and more inspiration from our designers!


Mermaidia, L544

Betcha Cannot Resist Being a Mermaid!

1. Using a white crayon, color in the stencil where you would like the mermaid resist to appear.
2. Spray with water.
3. Spray with Dylusions ink spray and watch the mermaid magically appear. Paper towel off any excess. Let dry.

4. Add type and any additional stenciling.

Just where did the mermaid get her crown? Why from the latest edition of the Crowns and Scepters Catalog, of course!

June says, “The Crowns and Scepters stencil provides an entire ‘catalog’ of crowns and scepters to adorn not only mermaids, but any creature or human who deserves a royal promotion. I couldn’t resist actually creating that fantasy catalog I kept seeing in my head!" 

With that in mind, June made several ATCS embossing gold crowns and on each subject.

Crowns and Scepters, L545

Love Mermaid

Holding a heart-shaped shell to close, Cathy Nichols' Love Mermaid is sensitive to the rhythms of sea life. Use this stencil when your art needs gentle waves of tranquility.

Love Mermaid, L546

Cathy's Follow Your Heart Mixed Media Diary

Mermaid Stencil and Masks

Jessica Sporn's wild mermaids are ready to infuse your art with their siren song.

Mermaid with Masks, L527
Mermaid Stencils and Masks includes a mermaid doing a backflip, plus three mermaid silhouettes (masks), along with a variety oceanic ephemera and words. 

Watch her make a mermaid journal:

Jessica also made a Mermaid Treasure Box. Want to see what's within? Check out her blog post!

Thanks for joining us in Mermaid Madness! We shall leave you with this final thought from June Pfaff Daley's enchanting painting:


  1. LOVE all the stencils, you can NEVER have too many mermaids!

  2. Wow! These are "must have" stencils. You guys make it so hard to save money!!!

  3. These are beautiful! I am so excited. I have been in a Fairy Tale kind of mood lately. I bought them right away. You wouldn't have a flying Dragon in those beautifully creative minds by chance?

  4. Love, love, love these mermaid stencils!

  5. All of these mermaids and the projects are beautiful! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful plethera of ideas and magic from so many with these! They are truly enchanting! ❤

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