Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Watercolors & Collage with StencilGirl® Products

Hi, everyone! loulei here to share my watercolor and collage art journaling with StencilGirl® Products!

Heavy matte white card-stock journal
Paper scraps or ephemera 
White gesso
Water-soluble graphite stick
Dip pen 
Black ink
Cut out paper flowers
Rubber stamp
Stamp pad 
Ink blending tool 
White acrylic paint 

Step 1: Arrange and glue paper scraps on page.

Step 2: Use white gesso to "balance" the page leaving parts that you want to pop. 

Step 3: Add a layer or layers of paint on parts of the page as you please.

Step 4: With Mystique Stencil and a blending tool, ink half her face darker than the other half. 

Step 5: Using parts of Protector of the Fields stencil and Crowns and Scepters stencil, give her a headpiece.

Step 6: I added some paper flowers I painted and cut out. 

Step 7: Arrange and glue in place. 

Step 9: Using a pencil or water-soluble graphite stick make marks and some outlines.
Activate the graphite marks with a wet brush.
Add markings from a text rubber stamp.
Using a palette knife, old credit card or your fingers finish off with white acrylic paint to highlight parts. 

Thank you so much for visiting StencilGirl® Talk!  

love and light.

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