Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Four New Stencils including Crocodile & Snakeskin Repeating Patterns from Jennifer Evans

Hello! I hope you are ready to go fashionista with Jennifer Evans today because she has created a video tutorial for a stenciled scarf with her Snakeskin and Crocodile Repeating Pattern Stencils.

And that's not all! She has two new floral stencils, the small Floral Dots & Marks, and the mini Floral Dots, as well as her Interesting Dots Pattern Stencil that pair quite nicely with the other four stencils.

Keep on scrolling for the DIYs, or if you can't wait to get these new stencils head over to StencilGirl and shop.

Okay, slithery snakes might not be your thing, but a Snakeskin Repeating Pattern Stencil, now that is something you'll want to be nestled in your studio tools! 

Smile! It's a Crocodile Repeating Pattern Stencil! Backgrounds? Faux leather? Gorgeous textiles? Either the croc or snakeskin patterns fit the bill!

Jennifer Evans is not a fan of reptiles but she was inspired by a crocodile embossed handbag and then, while visiting a botanical garden with rescue animals, two alligators in a pond showed off lovely-to-look-at-from-a-distance skin patterns. The snakeskin pattern developed as a cousin. 

Jennifer is looking forward to using the patterns with spring palettes in unusual ways.

Jennifer created her hand-drawn Interesting Dots Stencil S679 with organic marks as a wonderful 6" x 6" stencil for pattern integration in your art! Jennifer's inspiration comes from her love of working with spheres.

In the stenciled (cotton) scarf video below, she uses Interesting Dots to do just that with the Crocodile and Snakeskin Patterns Stencils and Jacquard Textile Color Inks.

Jennifer's cute floral stencils, the small Floral Dots & Marks Repeating and the mini Floral Dots stencils are great for bouquets and ushering in springtime in your art!

She made you a DIY for each stencil. Have fun with watercolors, Inktense Pencils, and NeoColors water-soluble crayons!

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  1. These are some great ideas! I am so not the creative type (unless it's with words LOL); but these are so fun! Thanks for sharing!


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