Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Mixed Media and Stencil Painting with StencilClub Voices for March Mashness!

Rich colors and a wealth of emotions make Martha Christopher, Robin Krieger, and Lea Vollmer's art as part of StencilClub Voices awesome.

They used March Mashness by Mary Beth Shaw and Carolyn Dube.

Without further ado, in their own words, here is their art!:

Martha Christopher's Mixed Media

For my first project, I attached a gel print to an old record album.

The gel print was done on an architectural/engineering drawing. (My husband is an engineer and he was throwing those papers away and I rescued them from the garbage can!) 

I darkened the edge with a black Marabu Art Crayon, put Mod Podge over the piece, sanded it a bit when dry and added a touch of Black Soot Distress Ink here and there to grunge it up a little more.

To make the butterfly I put some gold crackle paste through the stencil onto a piece of paper with black paint on it. Once that was dry, I embossed it with Seth Apter’s Vintage Beeswax Baked Texture embossing powder. The next day parts of it turned a bit cloudy, but I actually like the effect. I also wrapped some wire around a pen nib and attached that to my butterfly.

Putting it all together: I attached some black string, some sisal under the butterfly and my sentiment. 

For my second project, I made a small junk journal.

The day I received the March set a friend of mine gave me a scrap of brown grocery bag covered in paint.

It had a lovely feel to it and I immediately thought it would make a great junk journal cover.

I also had a large piece of under-paper that had some lovely paints and textures on it. I stenciled that paper with buff paint and then outlined the design with a black Posca pen to help the flowers stand out from the background.

I glued these two pieces of paper together then sewed around that to create the cover.

The focal point on the cover was made using the small stencil, some black card stock and gold paint. I attached it to some vintage music paper and cheesecloth and sewed around that as well.

I also added some more cheesecloth and some black Sari ribbon to the spine of my journal to add more interest and make it a bit sturdier. For the closure, I sewed on two pieces of black Sari ribbon.

Finally, I gathered some papers and sewed them into my cover using black waxed linen thread.

I really enjoyed making these projects!

hope by Robin Kreiger 

I work mostly with watercolors and I use acrylics with the stencils to make them stand out. This painting means hope and I put wings in almost every painting I do. 

I put faces in most of them too; it gives me a place to deal with what I call my inner sadness.

Lea Vollmer's 3D Butterfly

I used acrylic paint, black and white markers on this one plus made the butterfly three dimensional.

For this one, I used acrylic paints, markers, gold metallic paint, and a magazine photo.


  1. All of these look great. I had to cancel my subscription so won't be getting these, but I hope everyone enjoys them. They look like great stencils.

  2. All three of you artists provided wonderful inspiration for using the new stencils. Thank you!


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