Thursday, March 5, 2020

Trivets & Trees, Alcohol & Haiku Mean NEW Stencils by Jill McDowell and Cathy Taylor

And by "alcohol" we mean Cathy's lovely Windswept Tree stenciled works with inks.

By "haiku" we must show you Jill McDowell's incredibly awesome Kabuki Haiku journal with her Trivet Stencils

By popular request, Cathy Taylor's Windswept Tree is now a stencil and comes in small and large sizes.

Alcohol Inks are one of Cathy's go-to mediums for painting.

You can feel the wind blowing through the forest in these stencils. Cathy is inspired by her enjoyment of the woodlands near her home. 

What is the difference between a stencil and a mask? Easy:

Now you know!

All of the stencils Jill designed form hidden patterns when repeated - repeat a stencil 4 times in a block pattern to reveal hidden circles and an unexpected central image.  Repeat the stencil four times around an open space at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock to creates a square frame, (or rectangular for the trivet duo designs). See what Jill means:

You can also change the look of the stencils by masking areas.

Jill simply couldn’t resist using her Trivet Stencils to make her own Trivet Tiles out of plain glazed white ceramic tiles from the hardware store.  
  1. Lay down a background of alcohol inks. Go outside, put on a mask, and burn off the alcohol with a blow torch. (A technique borrowed from an encaustic burn.). 
  2. When it cools, stencil the tile with embossing ink and then sprinkle Rusting Powder all over the tile. 
  3. Mist the tile with white vinegar and within a half an hour you will have rust. 
  4. Wait a few days for the tiles to completely dry and then pour a coat of resin over the tops.

See Jill's amazing Kabuki Haiku book in 60 seconds!

Jill made her KabukiHaiku Soft Coffee Table Book out of canvas, tea stained muslin, scraps of vintage kimonos, thread, Pearl cotton thread, Pigment Ink Pads, TAP (Transfer Artist Paper), and Public Domain Images. Tools - 
Trivet Stencils, ink jet printer, iron, ruler, and a sewing machine.

Are you ready to get swept away with Cathy Taylor's stencil designs

How about making your own stenciled poetry with Jill McDowell's designs?


  1. Love that haiku! And the stencils are so incredible... I feel my credit card jumping out of my pocket and my StencilGirl cart filling up😆

  2. Great projects. Love those tiles.


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