Thursday, April 16, 2020

New Botanical and Peruvian Inspired Stencils

Hard to know which new ones to be more excited about, right?!

Cynthia Silveri had this to say about her newest stencil designs:

"Recently I have been delving into color theory and color relationships studies. As part of this work I began looking at images of textiles from various cultures from around the world. I was especially drawn to the rich reds and earthen tones that were used in Peruvian textiles. As I studied the colors in this art, I became more aware of the symbols that it comprised. Many of the patterns woven into Peruvian textiles include themes of wildlife, people and nature. 

"From this exploration, I was inspired to create the Symbols of Peru stencil, Peruvian Sun Mask and Peruvian Grid Mask

"The sun, dancing women and snakes were derived from some of the more literal depictions in the textiles, while the medallions, grids, and “scrolls” were inspired by more abstract aspects of the work which actually symbolize much deeper meanings around human work on the land, the cosmos, and life and death as part of the cycle of time."


Rae Missigman’s study of botanicals and love of wildflowers prompted her to create a Botanical Stem Stencil with a Mask, and the Botanical Wildflowers Stencil with Masks.

Rae has a style all her own and these stencils work well with her other botanical-themed stencils and masks.

You will need to snip out the masks but we promise it is easy.

Scroll on down because Ray is sharing a video with her printing plate technique using these stencils.

Top row left to right: Lady Slipper, Wild Indigo, Columbine
Bottom row left to right: Hartford Fern, Giant Maidenhair

All the latest stencils by our marvelously talented designers are right here!

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  1. I love all of these stencils! Your video, Rae, provides lots of wonderful ideas for using your stencils - thank you for that!


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