Thursday, June 4, 2020

Wooden Matchbox Stackable Stash Boxes with StencilGirl® Stencils

WOW! That’s a lot to say in one breath!

Hello Creatives, Kim here. I am happy to be on the StencilGirl® Blog today to share with you how I decorated these really cool stash boxes. First of all, I was really fortunate enough to come across them, so when the vision reveals itself, you immediately snatch them up. I’m typically a fan of stash boxes, because I mean who doesn’t have a lot of stuff to stash away in cute stack boxes.
The four boxes I used are all wood and the drawers slide open just like a paper matchbox does. Because the drawers slide and come completely out, I created one end of the matchbox drawer with words and the other end with numbers, so they can easily be switched around. 

I didn’t have to think twice when it came to the top of the boxes, I went straight for my drawer of StencilGirl® Products. So if you have a box, cigar box or any other wooden box, you can easily create your own stackable stash boxes. Assorted sizes would work great as well. 

Matchbox Number 1.
Pretty as a Peacock Stencil by designer Andrea Matus deMeng was used on the top.  Before Using the this stencil, I painted the box, then I used a cosmetic sponge and two designs on the stencil Wolf  by designer Roxanne Coble to add some texture and color to the background before using the face stencil.
Next I placed the Pretty as a Peacock face stencil down and used a cosmetic sponge to dab on some black acrylic to all the open areas. After lifting the stencil off and a few swipes back and forth with my heat gun, I added some collage elements to the face. To the sides and back of the box, I added collage elements and papers from my stash. Once all sides were completed. I lined the edges of the box with acrylic paint using my finger to wipe the paint on, not necessarily being neat. On the edges, I prefer a little messy look. 
The drawer on this box reads: “COFFEE”, because that is what I need to start my day, the inside of the drawer says “Coffee by the Pound” and the reversible side of the drawer has the number #1 stamped on it using a vintage label that I painted.

Matchbox Number 2.
For Matchbox number two, I painted my box first a neutral crème color and the top of the box blue with some green paint around the edges. Next I added some stencil elements from Roxanne Coble’s stencil design Wolf.  After sponging on some background features to give a water effect, I used the Chinese Garden - Koi stencil by designer Gwen Lafleur.  Using a sponge in the same way as the first one, I dabbed on some orange acrylic. This time, I got a little too much paint and it was a bit messy underneath so I took a brush and spread the orange acrylic paint on the fish. I did lose some of the white stencil marks, but that was okay as I filled it in with my design and it was still an easy peasy way to add the Koi. Lastly, I added some pen doodling on the fish and the background.

Next, I collaged the sides and the back and lined the box edges again with acrylic paint using my finger. 

The drawer on one side of this box says “ART” because that is what I love to do every day. The inside of the drawer says “Always” and the reversible side of the drawer is stamped #2 on a vintage label that I painted first before gluing.

Matchbox Number 3.
For this Matchbox, I painted the top of the box blue and used Thanks A Lotus by designer Andrea Matus deMeng. I placed the stencil on top of the box holding it down with my hand and dabbed on red, gold, teal and purple, extending the purple out over the top of the box.  I used a thin brush to fill in any areas that I wanted more color. After adding collage papers to the sides and back of the box, I lined the edges with a coordinating paint color.

For the word on this drawer, I used the word, “WINE”, because some days just call for wine, especially during this crazy time we have all been experiencing.  The inside of the drawer has a stamped label that reads: “By the Bottle”.  The reversible end of the drawer has the #3 stamped on a vintage label that I painted with acrylic paint.
Matchbox Number 4.
For Matchbox number four, I used a stencil by designer Gwen Lafleur called Collage Textures and Patterns, Circles. I love all the designs on this stencil and I used the center one to have a focal point to add an elephant collage piece. Elephants always seem to find a place in my art and my heart.

To start with this box, I painted it yellow, and blended the background with a few darker hues. Next I placed the stencil on top and again used a cosmetic sponge to dab on some teal acrylic paint and some gold in the center. Once lifting it off and using my heat gun to dry, I added a little black with a brush and a couple more elements from the same stencil at the top. Lastly for the top I added my Ellie collage paper in the center. 

Once adding collage papers to the sides and the back, I lined the edges with paint using my finger. This also helps to seal the edges of your collage papers and give your box a more cohesive look. 

For Matchbox #4, on the drawer I collaged the words, “REPEAT”, because it is something I feel very blessed in my life that I get to do over and over again. The inside of the drawer has the word “Daily” stamped on a vintage painted label.   The reverse side of the drawer has the #4 stamped on a vintage painted label. 

So there you have 4 Stackable Stash Boxes, all easy to do using StencilGirl® Products and with so many possibilities. Thank you for viewing my post today. I hope this will inspire you to grab some stencils and get creative!

The colorful words on the box drawers are from MischiefCircus, a great place for Collage images and words.
Kim Collister is a Mixed Media Artist, a Design Team Member for Retro Cafe Art Gallery and a regular contributor to Stampington and Company. You can connect with her by visiting her website and blog at: , and social media found on her website.


  1. These are really wonderful! I love Kim’s art and these are such an amazing display of design! The stencils were the perfect fit!

  2. What a delightful set! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  3. I'm in love with these, especially no. 1 - I just love Kim's art so much, the creativity just spills from her daily!

  4. I really like these! I love the face stencil. I think all of these look fantastic and would love to try this myself. I just need to find some boxes.

  5. These are really so Wonderful! Love that they are wooden! ♥️


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