Thursday, April 22, 2021

Stenciled Fold Book by Kristin Peterson

Do you get totally obsessed about your newest stencils? I can hardly wait to try them out once they arrive and the 4-Point Star and Create Face are no exception. I have so been enjoying those two stencil in my art journals! I knew I wanted to use both of these in my latest project here.

I also love making little books. Size wise, this one is perfect for holding in your hands to look through and of course, a nice opportunity to use some of my favorite stencils. And if you are not familiar with how I roll in the studio-  this little book is a good mix of all the things I love- stencils, collage, fabric and stitching.

I started with a couple of long skinny pieces of paper and sewed the two together. Covered all of it in collage and the started layering some of my favorite stencils. Some of the magic and fun for me, is the layering of the stencils.

Here is the list of stencils I used for this project:
Vintage Ledger Numbers
Numbers Stencil (I had cut this one down- so just used the numbers)
20 Color Grid Swatch Stencil
Closed Leaves
Repetition Stencil
Fragmented Line Columns
Bittersweet Mini
4-Point Star Grid
Create Face
Layers of Scallop
StencilClub- Aug 2013 

Once I was done with the stenciling, I decided where to place my folds in the paper.  I machine stitched the ribbon tab and vintage gold trim onto the top of the inner pages, and added corduroy pieces to the front and back covers to add some textural feel. The soft tan color of the corduroy fit so nicely with the overall feel of my book. 

I did glue the inner pages together to help keep the pages nice and easy to open. I did add a piece of dyed polka dot fabric to hide the book folds and to provide a more finished look. To complete the book, I added my signature initials on a little fabric tab on the back and added a piece of gold sari ribbon to hold the book shut. Here is a video so you can watch some of my process and see the finished book.

Thank you so much!
Xo.Kristin Peterson (artist behind: AlteredStatesStudio)


  1. I loved watching you do your layers (in the video) and love your finished book. Wonderful work!

  2. Amazing and inspiring!!! Want to try it now��

  3. I love this little book! You provide so much inspiration, and it really helps to see how you layer so many techniques to bring it all together! Thank you, Kristin!

  4. I just love that book. That face stencil is very cool and I had to order one after seeing this video. Very inspiring, thanks!


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