Tuesday, March 29, 2022

One Stencil Three Ways in a Pop-up Greeting


My friend Melenia from Greece, who lives on the island of Crete, has a birthday in April.  I know from experience that the mail takes a very long time to deliver any of my packages to her, so I planned in advance in making her a special birthday card.  I used one stencil three different ways to create a pop-up card that I know she will love. I used her favorite color and incorporated French proverbs and sayings about friendship, because we are both trying to practice our French.  

I used one of my all-time favorite stencils: Traci Bautista's Double Zinnia Mask and Stencil

Here's a list of other supplies:
-Medium weight mixed media paper (2, 9x12 inch sheets)
-Water soluble crayons and mark makers
-Iridescent acrylic ink
-Spray bottle with water
-Acrylic paints, 2-3 colors, plus white
-Glue Stick
-Watercolor pencil
-Tissue paper
-Matte medium
-Lyra Graphite Stick
-Stabilo Marks All, black
-Rough edge ruler
-Letter stamps and ink pad

Here's the step by step:



Thank you for reading! I hope this inspires you to make a pop-up card and to use your stencils in different ways!

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I have found that being creative, that making stuff, is a very fulfilling and beneficial activity for me. Creative play, and art journaling in particular, has become my self-care practice. It's so exciting for me to share what I'm excited about, and helping others find their own creative practice is one of my goals in life!

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  1. What can I say, I'm so honoured to have a whole stencilgirl project as a b-gift!! This stencil happens to be one of my faves, too! The step-by-step tutorial is in depth, as always, full of details that show the teacher is honest and really eager to share their art secrets! This is who you are, Sarah. Thank you for the bottom of my heart!

  2. What a delightful card - thanks for sharing your technique, Sarah!


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