Wednesday, January 11, 2023

StencilGirl® Pamphlet Book by Frieda Oxenham

Most of us like surprises and the season for them has just gone, but that’s no reason not to continue with them a bit longer. I sometimes like to surprise myself too, and this project provides a perfect opportunity. To start off, you work on one sheet and play around with it. Then you make it into a one sheet booklet, and you’ll be surprised what ends up on every page. You have the choice to leave it as is or to add more to the pages as I’ve done.

Here is the tutorial:

1.     Take a large sheet of A3 300grm watercolour pager (size 11.69 x 16.54”). I used a sheet by Crawford & Black. Use a 9 x 12” gelli plate and add acrylic paints to the plate. I used Fresco paint by PaperArtsy. Make marks into the paint with a comb or any other mark making tool. Take prints from the plate onto your sheet till all the paint is gone.

2.     Step 1 turned out to be a bit brighter than I wanted so I put some Titan Buff acrylic paint on my gelli plate and pulled it off on my sheet.

3.     Using a variety of coloured inkpads stencil on circles using stencil Fade Horizontal. 

4.     Back to the gelli plate and brayer red acrylic paint all over it and put stencil Art Deco Wallpaper on top of the paint. Take prints on random areas of the sheet. Make sure you have some extra pagers on standby to clean up your plate. 

5.     Repeat step 4 but use teal acrylic paint with stencil Art Deco Summit.

6.     Use glimmer spray paint and spray through Art Deco Wallpaper onto the page.

7.     Use Titanium white paint and stencil Art Deco Summit add more random pattern to the page.

·       Once you’re happy with your page and it’s dry, we’re going to make it into a booklet. To do this first fold the page in half length wise. Open it up and now fold it width wise. Keep it folded and gold one edge of the paper to the previous fold and do the same on the other edge. Then keeping the sheet folded width wise, cut with scissors on the lengthwise fold as far as the next fold you encounter. Open up the sheet which now has a slit and fold to the lengthwise original fold and pull the cut sections away from each other. You will see the booklet emerging. It’s easier to look up a YouTube video than reading it in this description so search YouTube for how to make a one sheet booklet.

8.     Add doors and windows to the pages of the booklet with black acrylic paint and a cosmetic wedge, using stencils Doors and Windows and the small stencil from the December 2018 StencilClub and outline with a white paint marker.

9.     Add colour to the windows on all the pages with metallic water-soluble pencils (used Derwent ones).

10.  Add on the text from the stencil in step 9 using a permanent black marker

11.  Spray on some sparkle to the pages (I used some of Lindy’s Starburst Sprays.

12.  Add some sparkly stars to the pages using gold acrylic paint and the medium stencil from the December 2018 StencilClub.

13.  Outline the pages with a gold marker

14.  Wind a gold ribbon around the booklet as a closure.

© Frieda Oxenham 2023


  1. I love this type of booklet made from 1 page of paper and now you've given me a new way to make one with stencils and a gel plate -thank you!! 💕


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