Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme


It's March in St. Louis and I, Nancy Curry, am all about the next seasons coming.  Apologies to those reading this who are approaching the colder times of year, or are still in the cold now.  The only season I really don't like is winter, but I really enjoy spring into early summer when things seem all new again.  I enjoy the spring holidays of Easter and Mother's Day especially, and always try to find interesting ways to share what I do with family members.  To that end, I plotted this project starting in January. Luckily, the big box stores seem to be ready to move on to spring quickly so I was able to find what I needed easily.  I'll list materials and stencils here before you watch the video. 


bamboo plant labels
acrylic paint (craft or fine art)
cosmetic sponge
brushes (thin and one for tint mixing) and a toothpick
gesso or white acrylic
scrap paper 
permanent marker (very thin) to sign if desired  
verbiage:  either alphabet stamps and permanent ink, stickers or printed herb names 
Krylon Kamar Varnish and Krylon Gloss Varnish or similar


               Floral Frolics                         Woodland Blackbird                    Wild Daisies
This project could easily be done with many types of stencils and have any kind of vibe you'd like.  Let your imagination go wild and think outside of the box looking at all sizes of stencils. So many stencil parts will shine when used by themselves. You can prepare these sets in all quantities for gift giving so it makes them a convenient and interesting practical gift.  
Without further adieu, please enjoy my foray into functional art:  

As always, it's been my pleasure to create for all of you.  For more of my tutorials, follow me on Instagram or Facebook, and for artwork to purchase, my store.  




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