Friday, August 19, 2016

Master Boards in Multiple Ways!

Hi, everyone! Peg Robinson here! When asked if I would like to do another blog post for StencilGirl I jumped at the chance! I love the stencils, designers and everything about the company!
I have been playing with a variety of stencils from various StencilGirl designers and enjoying the wide variety of stencil designs they have to offer.
Today I will share with you how I make a master board.
This is a great place to use a variety of designs in layers. You may ask "what is a master board?"
Well it really is just making a nice background. And you can do this on just about any surface.
They can become all kinds of art. You can glue them in a journal or on a collage.
You can cut them up for ATCs. It can be used for making bookmarks and in quick cards.
You can even use them to wrap a gift. So now I think you see where I'm going with this.

When I first started stamping, there were not that many wonderful papers to choose from in the stamp and scrapbook stores. We had to make our own. This really is a lot of fun. I remember taking some classes with stamp companies and really enjoying learning how to create decorated papers. And let's face it, there is something really satisfying in putting your own hand to a piece or art and making it your own. So let's get started. You can use a brayer to apply paint to a background or just slap some paint on a page. It really is all about layers.  A fun technique to use is a gesso resist. Anyway you slice it, it is fun.

You may want to try some color swatches just to see how the colors blend together.
Try colors next to each other on the color wheel. Green and blue, blue and purple, orange and yellow.
Or mix it up, but remember this is a bit trickier. Try pink and turquoise.
Where they blend you get a nice purple. Straw and plum. Pink purple and orange.
Think about using some transparent layers over the top of other colors. Turquoise orange and red.  Well, I could go on about color combinations but we want to create.
To start my first layer I will stencil on a design with gesso.
Once that layer is dry, I can add my first layer of ink or paint.
It just becomes layer on layer. I even make my own stamps to use to add to my layers.
So you get a better idea of how all of this works, I have created a video for you:

like to work in multiples and allow layers to dry. This way I can create more in one session.

Well, now I have some awesome master boards ready for the next step. Let’s see what we can create.
You can get a lot of projects from one Master Board. But remember you now have awesome stamps to use on any project and you made it with your incredible StencilGirl stencil!
So, I cut my boards into several shapes.
I have greeting cards, gift cards and artist trades all from these sheets. Once I have my boards cut up, I like to go back and add some images or words to the surface. I hope you enjoy my project and try it out for yourself soon. Be sure to tag StencilGirl with the hashtag #stencilgirl when you do. We would all like to see what awesomeness you are creating. Thanks again to StencilGirl for allowing me to share.
And as a final note, here are some closeups:
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  1. Beautiful collection of artwork. Love those backgrounds.


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