Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dramatic Layered Florals

Hi all you awesome stencil lovers, Kristie Taylor here and  today I want to show you how to use Stencilgirl stencils to create paintings  With lots of layers and depth. I really enjoy watching Flora Bowley, I find her style fun, dramatic and full of gorgeous color.  So, using her style and her stencil as my inspiration, I created this:  
I used the following stencils from Stencilgirl
and the large stencil from December 2014 StencilClub

So let's get started:

Paint the entire canvas with red paint.

Place stencil over wet paint and use a wet wipe to remove portions of the paint.
Continue, changing the direction of the stencil until the entire canvas is covered.

Use paint markers and paint to "color" inside the lines. 
This will create an interesting background.

Now place the "Time to bloom" stencil by Flora Bowley on the canvas and 
Trace the shape onto the canvas with a marker. I did this in three places.
Time to Bloom L394

Paint the flower shapes with white paint.

Next, start adding color to the flowers, following the shape of the petals. 

Place the alphabet stencil over the canvas and use a black homemade "spray paint"
(1 part liquid paint, 1part water or airbrush medium)

Now for the part that brings it all to life
Use your fingers(or a brush if you are wimpy lol)
To spread paint all around the canvas. Be sure to leave some spots 
where that awesome background can show through!

That's all there is to it!
With just a few simple steps we created a colorful, cohesive 
painting with depth And personality.

I used water soluble oil pastels to add some shadow and scribbles onto the background.
Adding shadow around the flowers and stems helps them pop off the canvas 

Thank you so much for visiting today!
I hope I have inspired you to use these techniques to create your own beautiful art.


  1. Loved this idea, have put these stencils on my to buy in Dec list, so that I can have a go.

  2. ohhhhhhh, Beautiful piece Kristie! I really dig your color combo!! Looking forward to the release AND I gotta get that landscape stencil.

  3. Beautiful painting, Kristie! Love how you removed the paint to make the pattern with the stencil. I'm inspired!

  4. Beautiful work, Kristie! Thank you for sharing your techniques with us.


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