Friday, April 6, 2018

Throw a Party! It's the StencilGirl CreativeTeam Food Challenge!

To take your stencils into the kitchen or not... that is the question.

Our CreativeTeam turned up the heat in the kitchen and in their studios for this Food Challenge! 

If you are not ready to entertain guests at the moment, trust us, you will be by the end of this post.

Remember, if you are going to use a stencil to make edibles, 
use it ONLY to make edibles.

A Serving of Frosted Cheesecake on Frosted Plate by Belen of Art & Whimsy

Stencil used: Pomegranate Seeds Grape Apple Flower Mask by Valerie Sjodin

Grab A Piece of Tina Walker's Chocolate

Want to make some? Check out Tina's diy post on her blog.

Stencil used: Hands by Jessica Sporn

Debi Adams' Sweet Cookies

Debi used royal frosting texture paste and Jessica Sporn's Becoming and Herb stencils on these sugar cookies.

What goes with cookies but a cocoa with whipped cream?

Karen Gaunt writes: "Stenciling with food was certainly a challenge and I had to rack my brains quite a bit to come up with something! I decided to use Traci Bautista's Deconstructed Cabbage Rose Mask to create some latte art of my own at home. The simple and circular design of this stencil made it perfect to use over my mug!"

Tip: You could also trace your stencil onto parchment paper, cut out the design, then use the parchment to decorate food.

Louise Nelson's Artsy Coffee Mug

Louise writes: "I know from previous experience that when I traced the stencil with a marker (Pebeo) on a non-porous surface that the ink from the marker bled under the stencil. This time, I wanted to take creative advantage of the effect. I cut down Traci Bautista's Soulful Scribbles Stencil so I had  just the freestyle oval shapes and then traced around them. The ink bleed under the stencil and created a gorgeous effect. I also used the edge of a piece of stencil off cut to drag and smudge marker lines at the top and bottom of the mug."

Louise and Karen should get together, don't you think?! And Sherry to, for where else to drink a cuppa but in a cafe!

Cheerful Cafe Art by Sherry Canino of Canino's Artistic Cafe

Stencil used: Teacups and Teapot by Jessica Sporn

PickaPeppa Cream Cheese Appetizer 
by Cindy Gilstrap of Junque Art Studio

Cindy writes: "This appetizer is always a hit at gatherings and so easy to make! Using a stencil on top makes it look all fancy like you spent a ton of time on it. (But shhhh, don’t tell anyone it only took you a few minutes.) You will need an 8oz. brick of cream cheese, PickaPeppa Sauce, stencil of your choice (I used Vine by Melanie Testa), crackers. Place stencil on top of chilled cream cheese and gently push into cream cheese so the sauce doesn’t seep under stencil. Using the back of a spoon gently spread a thin layer of pickapeppa sauce across stencil design. Gently remove stencil. Drip more pickapeppa sauce down sides of cream cheese and onto plate. Serve with crackers! Yum!"

Cheese Board by Torrie Gass of Fox & Hazel

Torrie writes: "I've recently rediscovered my love for brie cheese, and thought a lovely cheeseboard would be so perfect. This is a bamboo cutting board that I re-painted and added gold leaf veins to. The stencil I used is Herbs by Jessica Sporn, and I stencilled on a sage plant with black gesso. Once everything dried, I sealed the board with a coat of poly to ensure it's safe for serving food on. This project was so quick and fun to make, and now I've got a fun cheese board to serve with!"

Stencil used: Herbs by Jessica Sporn

Card by Sandee Setliff

Sandee is happiest when she is painting and NOT in the kitchen!

Stencils used: Love Story by Cathy Nichols and Speckled Eggs by Tracie Lyn Huskamp

Time for more food! 

Kiala Givehand's Plate of Brownies

Kiala used powdered sugar on her brownies. Learn how she decorated the tops on her blog.  We spy a few different stencils here! Can you guess which ones?!

Fondant and Icing Window Brownie Coca-Cola Cake by Carol Baxter 

Stencil used: the small one from November 2017 StencilClub - Fragmented by Nathalie Kalbach.

Have fun stenciling on food and party on!


  1. I love all of these!!! I've had Debi Adams's cookies and they are as good as they are pretty!

    1. Karyl, you are so sweet. I always say they aren't very tasty so that is nice you think they are good. LOL. Thank you! All the projects here today are creative. Sandee's made me laugh.

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