Monday, April 9, 2018

StencilGuts are ON SALE right now - ONLY while supplies last!

StencilGuts are ON SALE from now, April 9th until they sell out.

First come, first served!

Your freaky fun StencilGuts choices:

Flourishes  SOLD OUT
Cats Rabbits SOLD OUT

Most stencil companies discard the parts that fall out of the mylar when stencils and masks are cut.

Mary Beth could never discard anything so beset with possibilities!

Our CreativeTeam used them and you can too!

On a mixed media canvas as Tina Walker made:

To create a mixed media project on a wood substrate as Debi Adams used StencilGuts:

You can nest StencilGuts within your art journal:

Torrie Gass of Fox and Hazel writes: "Inspired by the bird illustration at the bottom of this page, I used these fun little bird StencilGuts to create two new & fun elements in my art journal. On the left page I used the little birds as masks and stenciled some bird images, then drew over them with a fine black pen. On the right, I decided to paint some of the birds with a paint pen, then stitch them onto my page as an embellishment. I love the extra texture the stitched birds add, and these StencilGuts can be used in so many more ways!"

Uh oh!

These art journals better not get together. Belen's Art & Whimsy StencilGut cats look PAWsitively curious!

You can use StencilGuts to make earrings with tassels like Louise Nelson did:

You can make an embellished bookmark out of StencilGuts and some scrap collage paper:

You can use them to get silly with greeting cards like Carol Baxter did:

You could use guts on an art tag, on a box, as the base for a necklace focal, or even pour-on the embossing powder and make elements to use in your art later.

Your absolutely cool StencilGuts choices - available until we sell out:

StencilGuts trivia: One of Mary Beth's students, Anne Holliday, gets the credit for the name.

More creativity with StencilGuts:

As components of a necklace
Painted on the covers of an art journal
Within the pages of an art journal
Covered with washi tape
Collaged on a book cover

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